Things to Look For When Renovating Bathrooms

As a functional room for all occupants of the house, the bathroom cannot be absent from a dwelling. An ideal bathroom is of course not only able to accommodate the needs of bathing, washing and toilet, but also the aesthetic factor and comfort of its users.

The bathroom can also be a relaxing and productive place. Some people say that they feel calm or even come up with ideas that they had not thought of before while doing activities in the bathroom.

When you plan to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the bathroom, there are several things that need attention. Renovating a bathroom according to your wishes requires serious and careful planning. For this reason, Dekoruma has five things to consider in the bathroom renovation process.

  1. Determine a Realistic Budget and Timeline

Before starting a Bathroom remodeling atlanta, determining a realistic budget and timeline is of course the first step. How much money is budgeted to renovate the bathroom according to your needs and desires. How soon do you need the bathroom renovation to be completed.

Locking a budget prevents unnecessary expenses during the renovation process and projected work time is also needed to determine how long the bathroom cannot be used.

  1. Maintain or Change Bathroom Layout

The decision to maintain or change the layout of the bathroom also affects the budget and processing time. Changing the layout of the bathroom, such as the position of the bathtub, shower, toilet, or sink means increasing the budget and length of time to work on it.

Changing the position of sanitary products means changing the piping system, waste disposal, and so on. When your budget is limited, maintaining the bathroom layout is the wisest choice.

  1. Adjust to the size of the room

When the size of the bathroom is not too big, installing a bathtub will only make the bathroom feel cramped. Decisions such as installing a bath or shower, whether there is a separate room for a shower, and how large a new sink to install depend on the size of the bathroom.

Although the aesthetics and comfort side are also important, make sure you don’t forget the functionality side which will decrease when the furniture in the bathroom takes up too much space, but it’s not necessarily used every day.

  1. Waterproof and durable material

As a place that will be exposed to water and wet for some time, choosing a material that is waterproof and durable is very important when renovating a bathroom. Avoid using materials such as wood or bamboo which will rot when exposed to constant water.

Ceramic, natural stone, glass, or sometimes plastic is always the best material for bathrooms because they are much more resistant to water. You can also use waterproof wall paint to prevent moldy walls due to moisture.

  1. Adequate Lighting and Ventilation

If you have the option of installing a window in the bathroom, it’s better to just install it because in addition to adding ventilation to reduce humidity, a luminous bathroom can provide natural lighting in the morning and during the day. Of course, this can save electricity consumption at home.

However, if installing a window cannot be done, bathroom lighting can be planned as needed. Don’t forget to install an exhaust fan for ventilation in a windowless bathroom.

  1. Separation of Wet Areas and Dry Areas

For some people, a bathroom that is always wet is something that bothers them. For example, the toilet area is also wet because there is no partition between the shower area and the toilet. If you are one of them, make sure to provide clear boundaries between wet and dry areas.

This can be done by installing adequate drains, using shower curtains or doors, making the shower or tub area one level lower than the sink and toilet area.

  1. Availability of Sufficient Storage Space

The bathroom is also a place to store various toiletries and personal items. Make sure your bathroom at home has enough storage space when it’s renovated. Cupboard for storing clean towels, glass cabinet for storing medicine and makeup, or a corner shelf in the shower area as a place to put soap and shampoo.

Renovating a bathroom can actually be done independently. However, with other activities, entrusting this work to a contractor or interior designer will ensure maximum and satisfying results.






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