When is the right time to renovate a house?

Home renovation is one of the efforts to maintain a residence after it has been occupied for some time. The form of home renovation varies greatly, from small-scale repairs such as painting the walls to dismantling the foundation and rebuilding it.

In essence, this is aimed at making the occupants of the house feel more comfortable in their favorite dwelling. Although it depends on the tastes and needs of the homeowner, it turns out that renovations should not be done at any time.

In order to get maximum Home remodeling atlanta work results, pay attention to the right moment for home renovation. The following is the ideal time according to rumah.com:

 When signs of damage appear

Often people do house renovations when the building has suffered severe damage, such as a perforated ceiling. In fact, previously the building will give signs of damage that can be dealt with earlier. A leaky roof, for example, can start with water seeping into the walls when it rains.

If left unchecked, the gap in the roof will get bigger and make the water enter even more swiftly, eventually damaging the other parts.

The sooner you realize there is damage to the building, the easier and less costly it will be.

As they get older, buildings also usually require routine maintenance such as coating wall paint, replacing tiles and checking gutters. That way you also feel calmer when you want to leave the house for a long time.

 Requires more space

There are many reasons why you need more space at home. For example, an increase in family members makes you want to create an additional bedroom or playroom.

Or when you decide you want to develop a business at home, you will need a special space for doing business or work.

Some people even expand their house simply because they want to experience a new atmosphere. Of course you can prepare things like that as early as possible, especially for preparing funds so that they don’t feel burdensome.

 When You Going to Buy or Sell a Home

Home renovation is believed to be one of the businesses that can increase the selling price of a house. So before planning to sell a property, it’s a good idea to make building improvements to attract buyers.

As a tip, do renovations according to market tastes. Choose neutral colors for wall paint and tile floors.

In addition, for consumers who buy second-hand homes, home renovations are also needed so that they feel more comfortable living in housing according to their tastes and needs.

There are even people who deliberately buy old houses because the prices are skewed. For this reason, renovations certainly need to be done before buyers occupy the house.

 When you have sufficient financial readiness

Before carrying out renovations, financial planning or your own budget should be thought through carefully. Know the exact costs needed so that the renovation process can be directed, close to or within the budget that has been prepared.

Add approximately 15% -20% of your basic budget, because in general the home renovation process is unpredictable and often costs more than the initial estimate.

 During the change of seasons

The right time for renovation is mid-season between the rainy season and summer. Because in the middle of this season the results of home renovation buildings will be of very high quality.

The weather is good, that is, it is not always hot and it is not always raining so that it can have an impact on the results of construction work.

Buildings built in summer tend to experience cracked walls and leaky roofs. Meanwhile, buildings built during the rainy season tend to be runny and not mature.






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